Anthony Dolot

Doctor of Physical Therapy


My name is Anthony Dolot. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a life-long interest in the facilitation of healing. My fascination with this process started with my undergrad dissertation: Theory & Practice of Acupressure (Poland). It continued with postgraduate certification in Acupuncture for Physiotherapists (Australia); and lead to my earning the Degree of Doctor Physical Therapy (USA). Through my career, I have practiced in acute and rehabilitation hospitals in Australia, and United States. I have treated persons with sport related injuries in a professional soccer club in Sydney, and individuals with work-related injuries in Adelaide. I provided care to patients in skilled nursing facilities and through home care agencies in Chicago and NY. 

Currently, I work as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at New York Medical College, in Valhalla, NY, and provide home based services to clients in southern Putnam and northern Westchester Counties of NY. 




Healing is a very special and precious gift we all receive from nature. It allows our bodies to repair structures and functions in times of need. Yet, despite this miraculous ability, the process of healing is not perfect. It needs specialized help to reveal its full potential.

Physical Therapists provide this type of help. We diagnose dysfunctions and impairments, and design therapeutical intervention. And we help our patients achieve  optimal function, increase performance, attain happiness, health, and wellness. If you like to achieve any of these goals, I can be that physical therapist for you. 


Why House Calls?

There are at least two reasons to consider house calls as an option. The first is because your home is a special place. In fact, if you have a chronic condition—there is no place like home for your healing. The home environment works as a powerful facilitator of your recovery. And, your daily activities work in synch with your personalized exercise program. The second reason is, because … in your home, I work for you… There is no pressure to deliver standardized care or maximize corporate profit. I am free to optimize your therapy to suit your personal needs. 

Why choose my service?

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 30 years of practice experience. I practiced in excellent clinics in Warsaw, Sydney, Adelaide, Chicago, and the Hudson Valley. In my quest, I studied many schools of thought related to health, healing, and physical therapy. Some of them grounded in western science, others in eastern, artistic practices. I will be more then happy to help you resolve your problems with my eclectic arsenal of skills. Currently, I provide house-calls in southern Putnam & northern Westchester Counties of NY. This map pictures the primary area of my service: 

Southern Putnam and Northern Westchester Counties of NY.

What should you expect during a house call? 

Your first session will start with a brief interview. I will review your past medical history. (Please prepare copies of any lab and x-rays reports, and your doctor’s contact information.) I would like to hear from you about your goals and expectations. Then, I will examine you, and discuss my diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. 

During follow-up sessions, you will receive comprehensive and on-going evaluations of outcomes. My recommended treatments will depend on your particular needs, may include any or all the following: 

Please wear clothes comfortable both for examination and exercises. 

Each session lasts about 45 min, and ends with detailed Personal Exercise Program (PEP). The program is cost effective, and easy to follow on your own. Each exercise in the program forms a step towards your functional goal. When you master any particular step, your treatment will proceed to the next level. If you have any questions, I am available by phone or video conferencing between sessions . 

Why do some people recover from brain injuries and illnesses with better results than others? 

Many factors affect one's recovery. For example: the extent of the initial injury or presence of other medical conditions. Although, one factor is of great importance. The healing brain is very receptive. It needs precise, skilled input to form appropriate synaptic connections. The dose and quality of therapeutic effort is of paramount importance. The right intervention has to come to the right person, at the right time—and every time. Without appropriate attention, the synapses will grow along the path of least resistance. And patient will end with compensatory, sub-maximal outcomes.

What is more important, the quality or quantity of training? 

They are both important, but in different ways. The proper number of repetitions helps to memorize the movement. But, the quality of the movement restores the right function. The optimal blend of quantity and quality is critical to skill acquisition. 

What is a good exercise for my weaker hand?

There is no such thing as "a good exercise" or " a set of good exercises" for a "typical" weak hand, arm, or leg. Each person presents with a different set of skills, and with a unique pattern of acquired impairments and dysfunctions. For this reason, I need to examine your hand, so you may gain optimal dexterity and strength.

Do you include any holistic therapies in your practice? 

Yes, I include elements of Eastern practices, when research supports their usefulness. I use them myself. For example, I daily practice meditation and qi gong.  

Is Tai Chi better then Yoga as an addition to my physical therapy? 

Both may be beneficial. Yoga and Qi Gong can balance your mind and body. Both can promote the relaxation response and assist the process of healing. You may find that you enjoy one style of exercise more than the other. But, the outcome will depend on the quality of your instructor's reasoning. The magic is not contained in the tools, but in the way you use them.  

Would you like to include my testimonial at your web site? 

Thank you for asking. I do not include testimonials on my website because I think they are of limited value for healthcare services. Healthcare industry marketers use them to mislead, or distract consumers from other important issues. Instead of testimonials, I prefer to explain my service in person during a free initial consultation. 

Can a person recover from a severe brain injury?

Jane Brody of The New York Times describes one person's recovery from a severe stroke. This patient "regained full physical function, comprehension, and intelligible speech." And then, he wrote a book about his experience. In this patient's opinion "recovery takes determination, focus, resiliency, and persistence." And he admits, that it also takes “the financial resources… to get the kind of help that can make a difference." 

How much is your service? 

The initial consultation is free. Follow-up sessions range from $125 to $250, depending on the complexity of the service. There is always one flat fee. Payment is due at the time of service—no hidden charges, no surprise bills later. 

Please note that I am an out of network provider for all private insurances—and, I do not take part in Medicaid, Medicare, WorkersComp, or No-Fault Insurances. If you plan to reimburse your expenses, please clarify your benefits with the insurance company’s representative before beginning therapy.