Anthony Dolot

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Healing is a very special and precious gift we all receive from nature. It allows our bodies to repair their structures and functions in times of need. Yet, despite these miraculous abilities, the process of healing is not perfect. It often requires specialized help before it will reveal its full potential. 


Physical Therapists promote the process of healing and assure ones optimal recovery. Your physical therapist diagnoses relevant impairments, and designs appropriate intervention. In effect, you gain optimal function, increase your performance, happiness, health, and wellness.


If you like to achieve any of these goals, I can be that physical therapist for you. 

My name is Anthony Dolot. I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has a life-long interest in optimization of the process of healing. My fascination with this process started with work on my undergrad dissertation: Theory & Practice of Acupressure. It continued with postgraduate certification in Acupuncture for Physiotherapists. And, led to admission to the Degree of Doctor Physical Therapy. Currently, I explore these interest throughout my work and practice as:



If you would like to contact me, please send me a voice or text message. You will find my cell number at the bottom of this page.


A. D.