Anthony Dolot

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hello. My name is Anthony Dolot. I practice Physical Therapy in Putnam and Westchester Counties of New York State. 

This website provides basic information about my home-based PT services. I treat patients who suffer from neurological impairments and dysfunctions. The idea of home-based-therapy derives from the latest, evidence based research. It promotes return of natural, functional movements in patient's personalized environment. At its core, home-based-therapy maximizes the desired neuroplastic changes. It uses home environment to help patients capture the lost function. Prevents development of excessive spasticity or compensatory strategies. I strive to deliver the right treatment to the right patient, at the right time—and every time. So my patients can enjoy their movement and their life—if possible—with no canes, splints, or walkers.

Here is a little more about me: 

If you like more information, please read about my House Calls or ask me a question by email. The email you send is confidential.